Escape the Octagon Dev Blog #1: From Prototype to Vertical Slice

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A few weeks ago, I released a prototype game called Escape the Octagon for the 2015 Unreal Megajam.

The game is a first person puzzle game (and, in an unpopular feature, mouse flicking game) that focused on the manipulation of cubes and spheres to open a series of doors leading to escape.

While I am proud of the game for what it is and the time frame in which it was produced, moving forward with it has proven to be another challenge entirely.

I’ve spent the past two weeks reviewing the game and seeing what worked and what did not work, based on the feedback I’ve received from people who have been nice enough to talk to me after playing the game. I’ve broken this process out into three basic parts and the following questions:

  1. Concept: What is the general concept of the prototype? Did the prototype succeed in achieving this concept? What elements succeeded, and what elements failed?
  2. Design: What do the answers to the Concept questions mean for the design of the game? How must the design of the game change to improve?
  3. Scope: What do the new design requirements mean for the scope? How can we reduce the scope? How to increase development throughput to meet the new scope?

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Welcome to Crackpot Gumption’s new site and blog

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Welcome to the redesign and re-imagined site for Crackpot Gumption.

Crackpot Gumption is a game and freelance development company manned by a lone, somewhat off-centered developer working tirelessly to make cool, new things.

This blog will contain musings, development blogs, tutorial content, and the latest across all of my projects.

While it isn’t much to look at right now, I hope to begin filling out the blog as I progress and hope that you will find the content on this site, if nothing else, somewhat amusing.

Thanks for reading,